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Bangladesh Hindu, Bouddha Christan Oikya Parishad’s General Secretary, Professor Nim Chandra Bhowmick has been Charge Sheeted.

Press Release/APPEAL (Central Committee Press Release is being sent separately)
Bangladesh Hindu, Bouddha Christan Oikya Parishad’s General Secretary, Professor Nim Chandra Bhowmick has been included in the Charge Sheet to be submitted (we believe it has already been submitted) by the police in the list of DU professors who the government claim incited “campus violence.”
Early in the morning, upon learning this devastating news, we contacted the central committee and obtained the Press Release that they.  As can be seen it is a joint statement made by BHBCOP, Bangladesh Puja Udjapan Parishad and Mahanagar Sarbojanin Puja Committee.
As they have pointed out in their statement,
(i) Professor Nim Chandra Bhowmick was not present in the University teacher’s meeting in which the decision was made to support the student protest (against ill-treatment of the DU students);
(ii) Professor Bhowmick was not even present in rally that the University teachers/professors’ held the following day; and that
(iii) Professor Bhowmick is no longer the Provost of Jagannath Hall and thus has no direct contact with students either.
Based on the above, they argued that the act of implicating him or including him on the charge sheet is based on unfounded, false information and ill-motivated.  The have claimed that Professor Bhowmick in his entire career of rights movement never believed in violence as a means and hence his name should be immediately removed from the Charge Sheet.  
The directors and executive officers of BHBC Unity Council, USA firmly believes that this last minute addition of the General Secretary of the BHBCOP is act of the Islamic fundamentalists & terrorists who have been working steadily toward transforming the4 once secular Bangladesh into a monolithic Islamic state by decimating the secular Muslims and eliminating the country’s 25 millions Hindus, Buddhists, Christians and indigenous peoples.
Taking advantage of the Western world’s generosity of allowing “everyone” in the democratic process, the “collaborators” of 1971 or the who clearly wields tremendous influence on the ruling Caretaker Government, has obviously been trying to crush the minority rights movement that Professor Bhowmick has led since its inception.  However, let’s take a vow to do whatever it may take to foil this vicious attempt of the Islamists.  We must have Professor Nim Chandra Bhowmick released.
More to follow, later today.
Bappi Sen, General Secretary
Presidents: Mr. Nicholas Sikder, Mr. Rup K. Bhowmick & Mr. Ranabir Barua; Executive Vice President Mr. Swapan Das; Treasurer Mr. Shontosh Shaha
Board of Directors: Mr. Shyamal Sharma, Chairman, Mr. Bidyut Das, Vice Chairman & Mr. Bidet Sarkar, Member Secretary.
Published Wednesday, September 12, 2007 6:42 PM by Administrator


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