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Ms. Rekha Rani Paul -Destitute Minority raped and roasted alive pouring kerosene on her body at Kowzia Para Area within Dhamrai Police station under Dhaka District

Ms. Rekha Rani Paul -Destitute Minority raped and roasted alive pouring kerosene on her body at Kowzia Para Area within Dhamrai Police station under Dhaka District: Police collecting tax from the innocent people suspecting to be the accused in this alleged murder. (The Sangbad dated 4th April, 2006)

Serious allegation against police of Dhamrai police station came to light when S.I. of police was collecting illegal gratification from innocent people while investigating roasting alive of a Hindu minority women – Ms. Rekha Rani Paul wife of Dinesh Chandra Paul.

It is reported that Ms.Rekha Rani Paul was raped by one Upendra Paul on 17th February, 2006 at Kowzia Para within Dhamrai P.S. Dist.Dhaka. On 18th February, 06 there was a salish (arbitration) in the house of Anil Paul. The local village arbitrators most illegally imposed tax of Taka 60,000/- on the victim –Rekha Rani.  Ms.Rekha Rani refused to pay such illegal tax imposed on her arbitrarily. The local arbitrators became angry with destitute raped victim and at one stage they poured kerosene on her body and set fire and killed her.

The Investigating officer – Iqbal did not make the perpetrators responsible for her murder rather he took big amount of bribe   from the local arbitrators and collecting huge amount of money from the innocent people intimidating their involvement in the murder case. As a result the innocent people are in great panic due to police atrocity.

The villagers complained that although 23 village-Matabbars (arbitrators) are involved in connection with the murder of Ms.Rekha but the S.I. of Police most curiously did not incorporate the names of the perpetrators in the F.I.R.  The corrupt Police Sub-Inspector – Iqbal rather most illegally implicated hundreds of innocent people of the locality in the murder case for collecting money. There is also allegation that the police officer collecting money from every innocent people at the rate of Taka 20 to 50 thousands per head.

The innocent people wanted to get rid of such harassment of police officer; they demanded proper justice and immediate arrest of real culprits responsible for such heinous murder. The male members of the locality have left the village due to police atrocity the women and children sometimes are being threatened and harassed.  

Iqbal – the Sub-Inspector of Police although denied the allegation of such collection of money but he told that the investigation is still going on although there is no names of accused in the FIR but there is additional ground for arresting suspected accused.

Rabindra Ghosh

Published Sunday, May 07, 2006 8:59 PM by Administrator
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